Why Boomarang

“Hackers Publish Large Amount of Bank of America Data”~Tech News Daily

“Internet Slowed by Cyber Attack on Spam Blocker”~Reuters

“Businesses Facing Increasing Cyber Threats: Security Experts~CNBC




You’ve seen the headlines. But more importantly, don’t think this can’t happen to you! Cyber threats are real, are on the rise, and no one is immune.

If your organization stores sensitive data and information–social security numbers, credit card information, customer addresses, and much more–you could be at risk for getting attacked. No matter the size of your organization, security threats and breaches will not only cost you in time and productivity, but financial losses as well.

Boomarang can help you minimize data loss by providing safe and reliable cost saving backup, security, and training solutions. Our proven technology allows you to operate your business more efficiently while giving you a safety net in the event of any data loss crisis. Our goal is to help prevent data loss and cyber attacks.

Why this is important to your business…

Cyber threats are not the only way to lose data, however. Natural disasters, viruses, human error, sabotage, theft, lightning, power surges or equipment failure can also cause you to lose vital data. Losing these files will wipe out years of hard work in seconds! How long could your business survive without the critical computer data you use every day? Customer lists, accounting, payroll, taxes, client records…these are your most sensitive assets!