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Proactive Data Security Management Protects the Bottom Line

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Proactive Data Security Management Protects the Bottom Line

One noticeable difference between government and the private sector is the quantity of sensitive data. Governments tend to hold a larger amount of personally Identifiable Information (Social Security, Financial Information and Protected Health Information).

If this information is compromised, it will lead to sizable unplanned cash outflows. The “2011 Cost of a Data Breach” study published by the Ponemon Institute reports the average direct cost of a privacy incident is $73 per record. This is comprised of state and federally required notification costs, credit monitoring expenses, public relations costs and legal fees.

Because of the recent rise in high profile cybercrime incidents, it is critically important that local govern-
ment Administrators go further to ensure the security, integrity, availability, and confidentiality of this
data. According to the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MS- ISAC) there are seven key
information security threats that every local administration must address.

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Christopher D. Bomar is the president and founder of Boomarang Data Backup and Security. A former Ohio licensed insurance agent, he is an author, speaker, instructor and consultant on data security risk management, best practices and due diligence. He specializes in Federal/State compliance and other regulatory matters relating to cyber security. Since 1999 Christopher has helped thousands of individuals and businesses to protect and recover data from total loss using online backup technology. He also teaches small businesses, non-profit organizations and local municipal governments how to implement best practices for safeguarding sensitive data and how to prevent data loss and theft. He currently teaches Continuing Education classes in Ohio and Kentucky for insurance agents, underwriters and adjusters. Christopher has served actively with several organizations including the Cincinnati Insurance Board, the Greater Cincinnati African-American Chamber of Commerce, Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA), the Cincinnati Business Incubator (CBI). He served as the 2007-2011 Consulting Services Director for the National Society of Black Engineers – Alumni Extension (NSBE-AE) Information Technology Think Tank (ITTT) Special Interest Group and is a regular presenter at NSBE Conferences since 2007.

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