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Cyber-Security Awareness Still Not Getting Enough Publicity

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Cyber-Security Awareness Still Not Getting Enough Publicity

And nobody seems to care….until something happens.

October is National Cyber Security Awareness (NCSAM) month and except for the IT community nobody seems to notice. There is a cyber-war brewing in the background getting drowned out by other attention grabbing headlines, mainly the U.S. Government shutdown over ObamaCare.   The shutdown has furloughed critical national cyber-security personnel and the mainstream media is not publicizing  it.  But what would happen if suddenly the U.S. was under a very specific and damaging cyber-attack that shut down power-grids and affected cellular and Internet communications?  Of course it would be all over the news, but it could very well be too late at that point. I did find one story covered by Wolf Blitzer here:

Seriously, tens of millions could be affected by a cyber-attack and who would be the blame?  There would be plenty of finger pointing in Washington but who would bear the responsibility for all the chaos that would certainly dominate the headlines at that point?  The implications would be far worse than any natural disaster to hit the U.S. and yet nobody is truly alarmed.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not a pessimist nor do I preach FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt), but I really wish the major news outlets would give cyber-security awareness more exposure…before all hell breaks loose.




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Christopher D. Bomar is the president and founder of Boomarang Data Backup and Security. A former Ohio licensed insurance agent, he is an author, speaker, instructor and consultant on data security risk management, best practices and due diligence. He specializes in Federal/State compliance and other regulatory matters relating to cyber security. Since 1999 Christopher has helped thousands of individuals and businesses to protect and recover data from total loss using online backup technology. He also teaches small businesses, non-profit organizations and local municipal governments how to implement best practices for safeguarding sensitive data and how to prevent data loss and theft. He currently teaches Continuing Education classes in Ohio and Kentucky for insurance agents, underwriters and adjusters. Christopher has served actively with several organizations including the Cincinnati Insurance Board, the Greater Cincinnati African-American Chamber of Commerce, Black Data Processing Associates (BDPA), the Cincinnati Business Incubator (CBI). He served as the 2007-2011 Consulting Services Director for the National Society of Black Engineers – Alumni Extension (NSBE-AE) Information Technology Think Tank (ITTT) Special Interest Group and is a regular presenter at NSBE Conferences since 2007.

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