Boomarang IT Assistance Program (BITA)

The key to reducing risk of data loss or theft is to make it much more difficult for unauthorized persons to access sensitive information.

Our research has shown that most non-profits, churches and small businesses are not using best practices so we developed a simple yet effective system that even the smallest organization can implement, the Boomarang Safeguard Program™.

Traditionally, non-profits and faith-based organizations have tight budgets and cannot afford to hire qualified professionals to manage an effective Information Security program. Boomarang understands this and has created the Boomarang IT Assistance program (BITA) to help these organizations.

The purpose of BITA is to give non-profits, churches and qualified small businesses the best practices and tools that large corporations use to protect their computer assets against data loss caused by equipment failure, viruses, sabotage, theft or natural disaster.If you are a non-profit or faith-based organization (church, charity or community focused) you may qualify for valuable IT services at reduced or no-cost such as:

  • online and onsite data backup/recovery service
  • online and onsite technical support
  • data security risk assessments, policies,
    procedures and documentation
  • disaster recovery planning
  • project management
  • remote system monitoring services
  • and MORE

The BITA program is made possible through the generosity of private investors, donors and our service partners.

We are excited to share these resources which allow us to help worthy organizations operate much safer, more efficient and better protected using our advanced data storage and security solutions that provide immediate time and cost savings.

Large corporations normally have to pay upwards of $30,000 and much more for the services that the Boomarang Safeguard Program™ provides for a fraction of that.

The Boomarang Safeguard Program™ is an annual service and includes 3 hours of setup. Advanced plan and enhanced features are available for additional charge. After the first 12-months pay the annual program renewal fee and the cost of software license renewals plus any additional services.

For more information or to enroll simply complete the form below.